Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rockin' it with Rockin' Green

So most of us Cloth Diaper experienced Mamas know how awesome and fantastic Rockin' Green Detergent is on our Cloth Diapers. A good chunk of us even use it on our regular clothes too and don't even bother with other kinds of detergent at all. However some of you may not know that Rockin' Green has lots of other AWESOME purposes when it comes to getting stuff clean that doesn't just apply to your basic laundry.

One of my favourites is an alternative use for Funk Rock.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have one cat that's a bit stuck up when it comes to how pristine his litter box is. IE: One cat used it before me, it must be scooped again now before I can use it even though you just scooped it before they used it. This leads to a few problems and the particular feline in question often pees on things I really wish he rather wouldn't. Items including my child's car seat.

Prior to cloth diapering and RnG I would try OxiClean and various other products to get the particular cat smell out of items. Because of the frequency of the problem I've become very sensitive to THAT particular smell. Other family members haven't been able to smell it on freshly wash clothes when I have and it drives me crazy!

Finally I was staring at the car seat one night and happened to think of the Funk Rock, something that was specifically made to remove the ammonia smell from Cloth Diapers. On a whim I threw it in with the car seat cover and let the washer do the work while I made up almost a paste out of it to take to the straps and apply with a wash cloth.

One wash. ONE! That's all it took and I was no longer smelling ANYTHING but nice clean and fresh car seat. ONE! This was almost shocking to me and made me so happy I began doing a dance around my kitchen where my washer is. I had previously washed the car seat in another Cloth Diaper detergent and didn't have anywhere near as good results as I had with this wonderful product. The straps? They were perfect after I rinsed the RnG Funk Rock paste I'd made from them. I was blissful and decided I needed to attack other items in my house now because of this.

My futon cover and futon had long been a lost cause and were on the verge of being disposed of. No longer! Putting Funk Rock into the cleaning solution in my Bissel Little Green Machine fixed the problem in a snap! Loads of laundry on items that had residual stink from cat urine were now wonderfully clean again. After recommending this solution to a few other people I know they had success in getting pet stain smells out of their carpet using my idea too!

My house is now back into blissful happy smelling land for the most part! (I need to order more Funk Rock now that I ran out! Haha!) And I have the wonderful Rockin' Green Company and their Funk Rock to thank for it!

So if you want to make your life a little simpler, throw a few tablespoons of Funk Rock in before you start your cleaning ritual when it comes to Pet Mess Clean Up! It'll help a ton! :) I hope you all have as much luck with this as I do.

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