Friday, February 18, 2011

Fluff Isn't Just Good for Your Wallet

Today I experienced something that proved to me Fluff was for more than just your Wallet. It was for more than just your Baby's Bum. It was more for more than just the Environment. And while these three things are the main selling points of Fluff and what really drives the market and campaign for a better world. Fluff is also good for the soul.

I always understood the concept of being excited to get mail. Real physical tangible mail. I think in a day of technology, where it's so easy to send a text message or email, the whole idea of physical mail has been lost on us. Instead of running to our mail boxes to see what we've gotten, we slog down the path in dismay of what bills we have received. Because really that's the one thing we know is going to be in that mailbox. Bills. And no one likes bills. Bills ruin the day and remind you about all of your adult responsibilities and that really is just no fun.

Sure we order things for our selves and we are happy to get them. But the feeling is different when it's a Fluff package. I can't explain what makes these packages just so unique and soul healing than any other package. They are just so much... MORE! Maybe it's the promise that they contain. The promise that your baby's bum, which is attached the child you will lay down your life for, is going to be wrapped in the best stuff possible. The promise that you're helping pave the way for a better future for your child. I'm not sure what it is, but it touches your soul in a special way.

I know part of what makes Fluff so exciting is finally getting to see your purchase in person. Each cover, prefold, diaper, and insert is so different and unique. They all snap, velcro, and fold differently. And we all know the pictures on your screen are always a little different from the actual thing. I've shopped for Fluff in stores before and have never gotten quite the same feeling about it as I do when I receive it in the post!

So when I had a horrible day yesterday, as I was reminded of bad things all day that I wanted for forget about, I reminded myself before bed that I would have Fluff coming in the mail. I fell asleep with this promise and at 1PM this afternoon was happy when that promised was fulfilled. On my porch was a pile of packages and in some of those wonderful packages was my Fluff. It was like opening a treasure chest or Christmas present. And as I oooed and ahhed over my wonderful purchases, showing them to my ten month old who tried to eat them, a little piece of me healed.

My pile of treasure!


Andrea G. said...

I love this blog post. I love it. I was working on a post about fluffy mail, but never mind... because you said it better than I could have.

Pandora's Cardboard Box said...

Haha! :) Thanks, Andrea!

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