Friday, February 25, 2011

CuteyBaby Diaper Review

So after a few weeks of testing and using these diaper (I have two) in my cloth rotation there are several things I like and one thing I really dislike about this brand. I'm going to go through all the features so you all can see, however here is a quick run down on them from the CuteyBaby website! :)

One of CuteyBaby's main features is the attached insert. This insert stuffs easily into the elasticized inner and stops you from having to figure out which insert came with what diaper. I don't know about anyone else but I have NO idea which micro-terry inserts belong to what diaper anymore because very few companies actually label their inserts. Charlie Banana and FuzziBunz are two of the only ones I know of out of what I own.

The attached insert is also two separate layers, very similar to Kickernappies LoopyDo and SuperDo inserts which means extra fast drying for YOU! This insert is very absorbent and very soft. (I'm talking rub on your face soft even after several washings!)

This is just a picture of the inside and how the insert looks while stuffed. It's also easy to add additional inserts and doublers to maximize your absorbency if you want to. The other wonderful thing about having the elasticized inner is you don't have to unstuff to wash! The insert just falls out while washing so no dirty hands! It also acts like gussets so that messes are more inclined to stay IN the diaper!

Despite the looped insert the diaper still fits pretty trim which is nice. I myself am NOT a fan of the bulk.

Another feature I really like is the hip snap which helps customize the fit of the diaper even more. This diaper is a Large for babies 20-40lbs and the hip snap is what really makes it able to fit my 22lbs chubber. :)

Do you hate diaper chains? CuteyBaby has added REMOVABLE velcro to completely eliminate the diaper chain. Unfortunately this is where we start to run into problems with this diaper. Either the velcro square isn't large enough or it's just a flawed design but I have several problems with it.

The tabs end up sitting fine but you can see on the right side how it isn't quite laying flat against the body of the diaper. This drives me nuts. I am constantly redoing the closure trying to get it to sit right so that it doesn't bother me while my son squirms and gets frustrated that I'm taking so long to get him back to playing.

THIS is what it looked like after just FIVE MINUTES of my son moving around and playing. The diaper is still securely on. That velcro isn't going anywhere and it's a little hard to get it off when you're getting ready to put it in the pail, however I want it to lay flat and despite my best efforts it never ever does. If you can live with this then I'm sure these diapers will more than please you, I'm just picky I guess. :)

All in all I love the diaper but the fact that the tabs don't lay flat is going to be it's down fall. I'll be sending them both out in the next few weeks to have them Snap Converted to solve the problem. Then I don't have to worry about diaper chains OR removable velcro giving me a hard time. However these have made it through the two hour naps and then some of a 10 month old who's crawling, moving, and shaking with no leaks. Frankly anything that doesn't leak is good in my book!

****** Additional Info: Because the question of how to get your diapers snap converted has come up, I'll cover that here really quick. You can do them yourself if you have the tools to do so and feel comfortable with it. I don't have a snap press personally but I know some really GREAT Work at Home Moms who snap convert diapers for a living! :) One of my favourites is Lauren's Little Lovies.

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Andrea G. said...

Thank you very much for your honest review. I think it would drive me nuts too, but I think I would also use it in a pinch (like... fluffy laundry day or when I'm out of other diapers).

Pandora's Cardboard Box said...

That's quickly what it's becoming, Andrea, a laundry day alternative. I like them enough to have them snap converted though so that they stay in my regular rotation. I suppose that alone is saying something about them!

Christine said...

How do you get them snap converted?

Pandora's Cardboard Box said...

I send them to a Work at Home Mom who does them for me! Lauren's Little Lovies on Etsy/Facebook does Snap conversions for I believe 3.50 a diaper. :) Here's a link, Christine:

Tausha said...

I love the print on them! I hate velcro, but I may have to check them out!

Robert Gillam said...

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