Thursday, October 28, 2010

When You Just 'Click'

So one thing I've discovered in my 'Quest for Cloth' knowledge is that there are a LOT of VERY nice and VERY helpful Cloth Diapering Mommas. In fact, I haven't met a rude one yet. It amazes me that one thing can pull together SO MANY different people that are always so helpful and willing to answer even the silliest questions!!

But what's even more is that one Online store who just wanted to bring the glory of cloth to all has managed to pull in such an gathering of people that words cannot express quite how I feel.

Mami's and Papi's started in the hearts of a husband and wife team who wanted to get ready for life after Military retirement. Their dream has turned into a reality that has touched over 2000 people and has brought together folks from all walks of life who share a similar purpose.

The best part about this most amazing store is the dedication that it's founders have placed in it. Forgoing many practical business 'rules', Mami's and Papi's have turned their customers into family. We all share trials and tribulations and comfort one another. We have become one giant community where someone is bound to find at least one other person who "gets it" when no one else seems to. And frankly when you're a mom all you really need sometimes it just that. Someone who can relate to what you're going through and help you laugh your way through it.

So if you value any of these things I highly recommend checking them out. Oh and in case I didn't bring it up, they have awesome prices on Cloth Diapers and all things related. :) But really I love them for them. Their store is just the icing on the cake!!


himes_a said...

I have to agree :) I am sure the rest of us will as well! Very well put!! Makes me wanna do the same on my blog :)

Love Mami's and Papi's :)

Great Job Ashley from Twin Sister Angie!!!

sXenerd said...

I totally agree : ) What a great post!

Mamis and Papis said...

Thank you so much!!! Papi and I read your post this morning. We appreciate you and all our customer and fan family! We truly have become an awesome close knit community. I find myself making a date with Facebook to just chit chat :-) Thanks again!! Love ya,


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