Thursday, October 28, 2010

All I want for a Holiday Card

I don't know if any of you moms out there are like my but ever since I had a baby I ADORE sending photo cards out to people. I haven't since our birth announcements but Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and I plan on doing it again. I happened to stummble upon this GREAT promo that give you 50 free photo cards from if you do a blog about it.Of course I signed up to be selected for the promo and was thrilled to get the chance to!

I myself am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the flat photo cards. They are plain, simple, easy to envelope, and you don't have trouble signing them. That's my problem with folded cards that you sign. I always have trouble because I feel like I need to do more than write my name, I have to put some sort of personalized message. This way it's one less holiday worry for me. However you may feel differently and I have to say Shutterfly has some of my favourite designs this year. None are cheesy like some places and a lot are very classy looking, here's a link to check them out yourself

I usually go for the 4x8 photo cards, however this year this one caught my eye: ! Our family is having professional photos taken on the 4th of Novemeber and I think this photo card will have the PERFECT feel for what I want this Christmas. Simple and Elegant and Gorgeous! :) Who could ask for more?

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