Tuesday, October 26, 2010

T- One Month to Leaving

In about a month I get to move back down to California for six months. I'm excited though this is a mixed blessing. My husband is deploying soon (no specific date given as that is OPSEC sensitive material) however the holidays will be no fun this year. This deployment means more income while I get my business set up, which is going to be so much fun. The down side is Chris will be missing several important milestones of our firstborn while he's gone. I stay on the line that our son won't remember that Daddy missed these things, but Daddy and I know and a little bit of our hearts break at the thought alone.

Other advantages to moving back to California? The Fashion District. Access to fabric that I've only dreamed of without purchasing online and being disappointed at the arrival. I'm sure once I set foot into The Loft and Michael Levine's for the first time in five years I may die and go to heaven. This will also be the beginning of something wonderful as I start to pursue several new adventures in my business. Up to now I have primarily been a seamstress of all things Renaissance related. Soon I plan on tackling Children's Apparel and Cloth Diapers. Two things that could very well launch my business forward enough to be self sustaining. :)

Various things will be posted on this blog ranging from sewing tips, baby trials and tribulations and joys, cooking fiascoes (as well as successes) and other things I find interesting, useful, or helpful not just to myself but hopefully others. :)

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