Monday, March 21, 2011

RumpaRooz vs Blueberry Covers

Instantly the first time I put my new RumpaRooz cover on my son for night time I noticed something I didn't like. The fit. I have some what of a chunky boy, not very, but a little and fit is a huge problem for us with a lot of diaper sometimes. The RaR fit SMALL. I was disappointed. Where I can occasionally snap down my Blueberry cover to the medium setting depending on what prefold and doubler combinations I have going on under the diaper, there is NO WAY I could have done that with my RaR cover. I used my smallest bulk night time solution when I tried it the first time, very disappointing.

The following pictures are side by side (or on-top of) comparison pictures of a Giraffe Prints Blueberry Coverall and a Whale Tale RumpaRooz Cover.

Here you can see the RaR on-top of my Blueberry, it's a little smaller but there's more elastic in different areas than the Blueberry. While this is handy for keeping more messes in the front, it also means I have to stretch it against my son's tummy and back which means it'll cut in more when I try to get the right fit as opposed to my Blueberry cover where I snap and we're good to go without stretching.

Here is where I discovered it's very difficult to stretch two articles as far as they can while try to take a picture as well. I used the clip from my son's paci clip to hold them together, put my foot on one end, stretched with one hand and took the picture with my other. It was an amusing image I'm sure. Basically what I discovered though is that if you stretch the RaR ALL THE WAY it is the SAME SIZE along the front as the Blueberry cover!!

Leg gussets, they're bigger on the Blueberry. There's at least 1/3 more fabric to the 'height' of the Blueberry inner gusset as there is to the RaR one. You can also see in this picture that unstretched the Blueberry gussets are longer than the RaR. This circles back to my earlier comment that it's great when it stretches but if I have to stretch it sooo far to get the right fit on my son that it cuts INTO my son, we have a problem.

Side by side comparison of the Blueberry and RaR covers on the LARGEST setting next to each other.

And now on TOP of each other!!

Comparison of the smallest setting on top of each other. This is where the RaR could come in handy for an itty bitty baby. It would definitely be able to fit your trimmer or smaller baby better than the Blueberry.

Smallest setting side by side!

Here's something else nifty I noticed!! The Blueberry's snaps (Of which there are 10 for waist and thigh as opposed to RaR's 8) are slightly off set between the two rows allowing more adjust-ability between thigh and waist. Someone at Blueberry got it right when they realized that thighs don't fall the same as the waist when they did it and I love that!! They designed it TO BE SET on different ones and even helped you out a little! :)

Here's an image where you can see both snap rows. It's difficult to tell due to angles and my not having 8 hands to take the pictures the way I'd REALLY like to, but the first and second row of snaps on the RaR cover line up where Blueberry's are slightly off.

Booty Elastic between these two diapers is almost identical! They have about the same amount of stretch to them when pulled. If there's a difference it's undetectable by me.

So my sum up of everything is that the Blueberry Cover, for me, is better. For a chunkier baby it works the best. RaR has something going for it with the belly elastic but personally I'm not a fan of it at all. Having to pull it along with everywhere else to get the fit I need makes putting it on my darling a little more difficult. Neither cover leaked at night, which I was very happy about, but all in all the RaR just isn't going to cut it. Maybe if Liam was younger or not quite so chunky we'd be good to go so this would be an excellent cover for someone with a petite and trim Little One, but I think I dislike it enough to include it in my next Destash. I need roomy and roomy it is not! :)


Andrea G. said...

I love side-by-side reviews! Thank you so much!

Sommer said...

I have one Blueberry pocket diaper and it has to be my favorite diaper of all my diapers because of the snap placements. I did not notice it the first couple of times I used it, but then I looked closer one day and realized they were angled instead of on top of each other. I have yet to see another diaper with that kind of snap placement.

Pandora's Cardboard Box said...

Exactly! It just makes sense, doesn't it, Sommer? I don't think I've seen any others that have been angled either and I have a TON of a different brands on hand!

Anonymous said...

We love blueberry pocket diapers at my house! They seemed to fit my son the best. Great post!

Shannon Reed said...

I love the Rumparooz personally- they fit best on my daughter, and I like the patterns =)

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