Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paci Fashion Featurette

So not to long ago I was in great search of some universal pacicifer clips that weren't going to cost a fortune for ONE clip! I use MAM Pacifiers and they can be some what difficult to find clips for that actually stay PUT! The ones MAM makes are great, but the plastic clip is super easy for my baby to pull off resulting in full on pacifier AND clip loss. Losing pacifiers in the house to the Mysterious Paci Eating Monster is one thing, losing them in public because my clip failed and there's no back ups in my bag is another.

I'd found one that I really liked at BabiesRUs that my Mum bought for us on one occassion and it was everything I was looking for. A metal clip that won't budge and a tie on end that made it compatible with everything. What I did not like was the PRICE! 10 dollars for ONE clip!? That's crazy talk!! But it worked so a few weeks later I went to buy more because I wanted to be able to interchange and color match etc, they were completely out.

Annoyed I went home and did an online search. The next I stumbled on was the ZDaisy Bungie Clip with a price point of $11.99. Are you kidding me!? It amazes me what companies can get away charging for things when they're either Baby or Wedding related. It's crazy to me! So on with the search. It didn't take me long to stumble upon Paci Fashion Q Luv It Designs. These had EVERYTHING I was looking for in a Paci!! A tie off end that wasn't just a piece of tiny ribbon I was afraid would break, a metal clip that meant my paci was going to STAY where I put it, and best of all ADORABLE DESIGNS!!!

Here's the metal clip I've been talking about. The top flips up to open and back down to secure it. So far the little rascal hasn't been able to yank these suckers off a bib yet!!

Fantastically enough these clips are removable from these Paci Straps so if you felt so inclined you can trade them out for other straps without having a clip for every strap!!

These are the kinds of tie offs I like. They're durable and not going to break. Thin itty bitty baby ribbon kinds make me feel like they would.

My son sporting my FAVOURITE clip! :) It has skulls on it, of course it's my favourite!!

An example of some of the fantastic prints and colours she has!!! The best part? A single clip cost $3.99. A two pack is $7.49 and Q Luv it Designs also has packages in sets of threes AND fives to save you more money! :) I think I spent a total of $25.00 on 7 clips! If I had bothered to get that many of the ZDaisy ones I would've been over $70 in the hole!

Apparently they're also fantastic to chew on!!!

Here's one more cool thing I have NEVER seen before!! Paci Tie Clips. Oh. My. Gosh!! I haven't bought one yet but I absolutely cannot WAIT to!! You can find them here: (Image borrowed from Q Luv It Designs Etsy!)

So all in all!! A wonderful clip in lots of super cute and fashionable designs at a really great steal of a price!!

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